Every little thing we do leaves an imprint on the planet in some way, including our water use.

Considering our water footprint is a small way we can make a positive impact on our local waterways.

Why is conserving water so important?

Water is the most important resource on the planet, yet every time we use water we waste water.

Australia is the driest populated continent on Earth and on average household's waste 80% of the water they use.

As freshwater resources decline and our demand increases, conserving and protecting water quality has never been so important.



Created with the environment in mind

Originally designed to clean-up oil spills, ENJO products have a deep connection to water conservation.

25 years on, ENJO continues to consider their impact on the planet.

From how products are made to where they end up their water footprint can be measured. Making little changes to your lifestyle and buying habits can help shrink your water footprint and improve water quality.


Australians use around 40% of household water outdoors.

Conserving water outdoors is a great way to minimise your water footprint, save money and enjoy an efficient garden and outdoor living space. This spring and summer implement ways to use less and save more water outdoors.

Clean chemical-free

Avoid chemical wastewater + conserve water by cleaning your windows, cars + furniture with fibre technology.

Waterwise garden

Collect rainwater, plant natives, improve your soil quality, create shade + mulch for minimal water waste.

Wastewater solutions

Reuse greywater, use aerators on tapware, use dripper systems to water plants + use buckets to save + reuse shower waste.



ENJO Window Cleaner


Smart fibres keep your windows + glass clean without toxic chemicals.


Clean, wash, dry, reuse your Window Fibres for 3 years. With good care, your hardware should last much longer.


Removes dirt and leaves surfaces streak-free every time, in no time.


Less water and no chemicals for less water waste and no toxic wastewater.


Buy once and enjoy clean windows without chemicals for 3 years.



Window before + after