ENJO celebrate 25 years of innovation and quality
Proud to offer Australian homes a healthier way to clean, Australian shores an earth-loving alternative to chemicals and Australian women a flexible business opportunity.

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Our Secret

What appears to be a simple cloth is in fact the most effective, efficient and environmentally-responsible cleaning tool, so what’s our secret?

Fibre technology. ENJO invest in innovation and quality, we continue to test and update our fibre range year-on-year, meaning they not only offer a healthier way to clean, they do so with minimal impact on the environment.

What else makes ENJO unique? ENJO continue to invest in world-leading products and world-leading people. We support thousands of Australians in building their own ENJO Business and are proud to be part of a global team that creates unique partnerships.

ENJO are honestly interested in other people and making a positive difference to the planet, which is why we will always be honest about who we are, what we produce and how we produce it.
To be honest and challenge the conventional – you’ve got to be brave. We promise to always be brave, question the way we to do things and continue to be leaders in driving positive change.
High value
We know our values and communicate them confidently. We believe in the value of a clever clean that makes a positive impact on you, your health and the planet.



We took part in Clean Up Australia Day, here's what happened

Committed to the clean-up, ENJO Australia took part in Clean Up Australia Day on 3 March in 15 locations across the country... you won't believe how much trash we collected. 

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